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Following on from a long working relationship with BP Oil UK, Fabri Consulting have worked closely with BP Project Managers to deliver Projects at most of the UK mainland Terminals........

Slops Return Project

During piping integrity checks unexpected conditions were identified within the existing carbon steel slops piping system. The project replaced the 8” carbon steel slops discharge pipework with 4” stainless steel pipework.

  • Full EPCM
  • Compliance with BP CVP process
  • Mechanical, EC&I & Civil/Structural detailed design
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Commissioning and handover

Year / Budget

2020 - 2021/ £300K


Project Managers

Michael Cummings (Fabri) / Roy Smith (BP)

Second Import Line Project

Introduction of a second import line allowing site to simultaneously import and recirculate product from the main Jet storage tanks on site. Complete project from Appraise through to Construction.

  • Full EPCM
  • Compliance with BP CVP process
  • Mechanical, EC&I & Civil/Structural detailed design
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Commissioning and handover

Year / Budget

2020 / £370K


Project Managers

Dave Burnett (Fabri) / Roy Smith (BP)

Blending Upgrades FEED

Review options for a new blending facility inclusive of additional pumping requirements, micro filters, clay filters and filter water separators.

  • FEED study
  • Mechanical & Piping requirements
  • EC&I requirements
  • Civil & Structural requirements
  • Procurement
  • Liaison on with local planning authorities


2019 - 2020


Project Managers

Dave Burnett (Fabri) / Roy Smith (BP) 

Engineering Support

Over a period of 10 years Fabri supported BP Oil UK engineering team develop and confirm compliance with there integrity management of all Fuel Value Chain (FVC) controlled terminals. This project covered many different elements and included the management and engineer support as required to complete the following;

  • HAZOP & LOPA studies
  • FEHMP implementation
  • ETP gap analysis
  • Pipeline integrity
  • Ethanol BRISK
  • Asset evaluation
  • Switch gear thermal graphic imaging

BP Northampton & Kingsbury - Tank Gauging Upgrade

Upgrade to existing tank gauging infrastructure to remove 'end of life' equipment

  • Feasibility study
  • Review available technology and compatibility with existing infrastructure
  • Full EPCM
  • Compliance with Client CVProcess
  • Detailed Design
  • Detailed Engineering PHSSER
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Commissioning and Handover

Year / Budget

2015 - 2016 / £500K


Project Managers

Thomas Knight (Fabri) / Iain Shearer (BP) 

More images from BP Oil UK Tank Gauging Project

BP Northampton & Kingsbury - Fire Protection

Project to introduce fire protection for both sites initially in preparation for the ethanol introduction however at the same time making allowance for site wide fire protection to align the sites with BP group practice standards GP 24-10 and GP 24-40.


The project included fire pump & foam proportioning unit control, electrically operated valve control, tank cooling, foam pourers, linear heat detection and flame detectors.

  • Compliance with BP CVP process
  • HAZOP & LOPA studies
  • Liaison with HSE and local fire authorities
  • Procurement management  
  • Mechanical and  EC&I detailed design
  • Commissioning

Project Managers

Douglas Burns (Fabri) / Peter Alderman (BP) 

More images from BP Oil UK Fire Protection Project

Other BP Oil UK Projects 2005 - 2020......

Projects complete at multiple sites across the UK;

  • Development of P&ID’s to GP 08-01
  • Ethanol FEED studies
  • Safety basis calculations
  • Fire protection
  • Tank venting reviews
  • Pipework identification
  • Tank gauging FEED studies
  • Water bottoms sparging
  • Product pump replacement
  • Through put reviews
  • COC replacement and introduction
  • Site planning expansion and new
  • Thermal relief reviews
  • Loading arm upgrades and replacement
  • Tannoy system upgrades
  • Surge analysis for new ROSOV’s
  • Dead stock reduction reviews
  • Control room upgrades
  • Pump upgrades



2005 - 2020





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