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Dave Burnett BSc MIEE MEI

Executive Summary

Dave Burnett is the Owner and Managing Director of Fabri Consulting Engineers, a Scottish based Engineering Consultancy specialising in the Downstream Oil and Aviation sector.


After graduating, in 1986, with a BSc Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Dave started with Crouch & Hogg, Consultants to the ‘bulk’ water supply industry, before being asked, in 1991, to join Trident Consulting Engineers as a Senior Electrical / Commissioning Engineer for the Downstream Oil sector.


In 2005, Dave, together with Douglas Burns formed Fabri Consulting Engineers, to provide a more focused Downstream Oil Engineering Consultancy, and continues to provide Consultancy services to Clients worldwide.


As Managing Director of Fabri Consulting Engineers, Dave is responsible for the day to day operations and finances of the Company, and has developed a Client portfolio to include several key players in the downstream and aviation sector, both within the UK, and worldwide, whilst maintaining a hands on approach to Projects.


Dave has worked on Projects around the world, in Project Management, Detailed Design, Site Supervision and Commissioning roles, and has an extensive experience of Downstream Oil Operations, Management and Commissioning requirements, and is fully conversant with Client CVP requirements.


He provides a multi discipline knowledge of all electrical / instrument / process and mechanical systems associated with the requirements of the Downstream oil sector.


In addition, Dave provides an advice / supervisory and training role to Fabri Consulting Engineers Project Managers working on Projects and Clients including:



  • FEED and detailed EC&I design for Manchester Depot Transformation Project.

Air BP

  • Commissioning Manager for Aviation Rail Loading Facility


  • Rail Off Loading Facility Feasibility


  • Amsterdam Terminal - Project Manager Gasoline to Distillate conversion of 160,000m3 storage / pumping and jetties
  • Update of VRU operational and maintenance procedures 
  • Commissioning Manager THESEUS/KYOTO Projects (Amsterdam Terminal Development (~US$140 million).
  • Commissioning Manager for BP ATAS (Mersin (Turkey) Refinery to Distribution Terminal conversion), (~US$80 million)
  • FEED Terminal Redevelopments - Mozambique


  • FEED and detailed design of new oil terminal storage facilities

SHELL UK Limited

  • Installation of new pumping / loading gantries
  • Upgrade of Terminal Automation System / Gantry Refurbishment
  • Installation of E100 loading / E5 blending facilities
  • Installation of misc. MOGAS and DERV Additive Installations


  • Ethanol Blending Facilitie

  • Meter Proving Facilities

  • Gas Oil Marker Dye


  • FEED Study for sea fed Hydro Carbon Hub


  • Aviation Filter / Blending Facility FEED
  • Ships Import LIne Extension
  • Aviation Slops Facility Upgrade
  • P&ID & PFD Development / E100 Planning / Integrity Management

BP Turkey

  • Compliance with ETP Standards Review


  • Introduction of MOGAS and DERV Additive installations

PROJECTS HISTORY - Fabri Consulting Engineers

2020 MASHCO 

Manchester Depot Transformation Project EC&I Design

2018 - 2020 BP Isle of Grain

Aviation Rail Loading Project Commissioning and Handover

Aviation Blending FEEDStudy

Import Line Extension Project

Aviation Slops Faciity Upgrade

2017 HES Wilhemsahaven 

Terminal Redevelopment FEED 

2014 -2016 BP AMSTERDAM Project Manager / Commissioning Manager Project Hammond 

Gasoline to Distillate conversion of 160,000m3 storage / pumping and jetties

2011 – 2014 BP AMSTERDAM ‘De bottle’ / Growth Projects    Projects / Commissioning Manager

Responsible for FEED, compliance with Clients PCP, Detailed Engineering, Procurement / Equipment Specifications, Construction Management and Commissioning of new pipework and HV pumping infrastructure improvements, adding an additional 4500 M3/hr pumping capability.

2008 - 2013 BP AMSTERDAM Misc. Projects    Project Manager

KYOTO / THESEUS Vapour Recovery Units continuous emissions measurement system and VRU performance enhancements.

Kaldair VRU decommission and demolition.

THESEUS VRU gasoline supply / return system extension.


Tank Mixer(s) procurement, installation and commissioning.

2008 -2009 BP AMSTERDAM Commissioning Manager

Responsible for handover and commissioning of THESEUS / KYOTO and E5 Projects, comprising:

THESEUS: Ship / 4 No Barge loading / unloading jetties c/w Vapour Recovery System, fire foam deluge system, gas and flame detection systems.

HV / LV transformers / switchgear and pumping systems / PLC / DCS systems.

Storage Tank / Line tie in and flood / HV / LV pumping systems.

KYOTO: New Vapour Recovery Unit to existing truck racks and barge and ship loading jetties.

HV / LV transformer / switchgear and PLC control and Safety Systems.

New E(thanol)100 barge import facilities, storage, denaturant system and proportional E5 / E20 in line blending system.

2007 -2008 BP ATAS, Mersin, Turkey Commissioning Manager

Responsible for commissioning and handover of Refinery to Loading Terminal Project comprising:

HV / LV distribution system / DCS / PLC control systems / safety systems / Tank Gauging / high level protection.

Storage Tank / product line testing / line flooding and product pump commissioning.

EEX Installation inspection and Contractor ATEX training.

FEED, Detailed Design, Project Management, site supervision and commissioning of Project Flute – BP MOGAS and DERV (exothermic) additive receipt, storage and injection system.

Report and recommendation of gantry electrical work modifications required to comply with EN60079.

Development of FEED study for Refinery to Road Loading Terminal conversion, including HV connection to supply authority grid, upgrade to site HV / LV systems.

Electrical site inspection (EN60079), including reporting, and recommendations, together with operations / contractor training on compliance.


PROJECTS HISTORY - Previous Employment


Senior Electrical / Projects Manager / Commissioning Engineer on Projects.

1991 - 2005    Project Manager / Senior Electrical Engineer / Commissioning Engineer 

SHELL UK Limited

Project Management, Detailed Design, Implementation and Commissioning of all major Shell UK Limited Downstream Oil Projects since 1991.

Projects include Plymouth Terminal Redevelopment, Stanlow Terminal Redevelopment, and introduction of Vapour Recovery Systems, (to Plymouth / Jarrow). Additive Systems, including Lead Replacement, Automation System (Spectra-tek) Upgrades, and installation / relocation of bottom loading gantries.

Authorised Electrical Engineer for all electrical works to Shell UK Limited Downstream Oil Terminals and Depots in the UK.

1991 - 2005        Senior Electrical Engineer / Commissioning Engineer

BP Oil UK Limited

Detailed Design, and Commissioning of BP Oil UK Limited Downstream Oil Projects.

Projects include introduction of Vapour Recovery Systems (Grangemouth, Kingsbury, Aberdeen), Additive Systems, including Lead Replacement, Automation System Upgrades and installation of bottom loading gantries, Aberdeen (Pointlaw) Redevelopment and Upgrades, Kingsbury Terminal Redevelopment, Inverness Terminal Redevelopment.

ULSGO receipt storage and bunkering facilities.

1991 – 2005        Project Manager / Electrical / Commissioning Engineer

BP Bovis Alliance

Detailed Design, and Commissioning of BP (Bovis) Retail Sites.

Design development, implementation and commissioning of LPG facilities to BPUK Connect Retail sites (~70 sites), including upgrade to provide remote diagnostic, alarm and reporting facilities to BP e-maintenance system.

Procurement specifications, operations and instruction documents for electrical and mechanical equipment.

Production of BP ‘Connect’ Retail Electrical Installation Specification, Tender Documents and Drawings and Distribution Control Panel Specification and Drawings.

Provided LPG hazardous area awareness and training presentations to BP Engineers / BP Contractors and BP Retail staff.

1991 – 2005        Senior Electrical Engineer / Commissioning Engineer

Ross Chemicals

Detailed Design, Implementation and Commissioning of various Projects including Terminal Redevelopment, including bottom loading gantries, electrical distribution and terminal automation; Derv / Gas Oil Storage facilities

Detailed Design, Implementation and Commissioning of Butyl Acrylate Receipt, Storage and tanker loading facilities.

2004 – 2005         Project Manager / Senior Electrical Engineer 

Kenyan Government - Minitry of Energy

Multi site review and Production of Study Document for LPG Demand in Kenya and East African Region for Kenyan Ministry of Energy.

2004 – 2005        Project Engineer / Senior Electrical Engineer 

BP Oil International

Responsible for FEED report and recommendations for decommissioning of ATAS, Turkey, Refinery and conversion to Storage / Tanker Loading Terminal.

2002 – 2005        Electrical / Commissioning Engineer 

Q8,Charles de Gaulle

Responsible for commissioning and staff training of aviation test rig facility, comprising underground storage, variable speed re circulation pump and aviation re fueller stand.

2003 – 2005        Senior Electrical / Commissioning Engineer 

TAG Farnborough

Responsible for electrical / mechanical inspection, installation and commissioning of aviation receipt / storage and dispensing facility, comprising above ground bunded aviation storage, receipt and delivery pumps, LV switchgear and PLC Control System 

1998    Senior Electrical Engineer

Chep Lap Kok, Hong Kong Airport

Airport extension aviation fuel facilities HAZOP / Design Review.

1996 – 1998        Senior Electrical / Commissioning Engineer

Port Stanley

Inspection and commissioning of bulk Distillate and Kerosene storage facilities.

Detailed Design and commissioning of AVGAS receipt / storage and tanker loading facility comprising storage tanks, pumps, tank gauging, LV switchgear.

Advise on implementation of preventative maintenance system.

Falkland Islands.    Investigate existing / potential tourist infrastructure on Sea Lion and Weddell Islands, and make recommendations.

2000 – 2002 BP Tanzania            Senior Electrical / Commissioning Engineer 

Dar es Salaam:    Detailed Design, EEx Inspection and commissioning of rail and truck loading gantries.

Commissioning of leak detection system for new receipt pipeline. (BP / Esso / Caltex).

Moshi Depot    Detailed Design, inspection and commissioning of depot redevelopment, including storage tanks, pumping and road and rail loading facilities.

Mwanza Depot    FEED Study Proposal for Depot redevelopment. Advise on EEx installation requirements.

2000 – 2001 - SHELL Uganda            Senior Electrical / Commissioning Engineer

Kampala    Responsible for Detailed Design, EEx inspection, commissioning and training of new LPG Storage, electrical distribution and fire water storage / drench systems.

1998 – 1999 - Saudi Aramco            Inspection / Commissioning Engineer


Responsible for mechanical / electrical inspection, commissioning and training of first bottom loading (petrochemical) bulk loading gantry in Saudi Arabia.

Required on site detailed design and implementation, together with provision of site operator training.




1986 – 1991        Central Scotland Water Development Electrical / Commissioning Engineer

Various Sites

Responsible for de commissioning of existing SCADA and installation of new Westinghouse SCADA and Siemens PLC systems for bulk potable water supplies throughout various locations in Central Scotland.

Water storage, treatment and pumping stations throughout central Scotland

Electrical design and commissioning Loch Lomond water supply barrage (level) controls.

Electrical design and commissioning of phosphoric acid dosing plants.

1990 – 1991        Whittle Dene    Electrical Engineer

Whittle Dene

Electrical design reservoir / treatment plant and pumping station upgrade 

1989 – 1990        LS Starret    Electrical Engineer 


Electrical design of machine tools factory extension, inclusive switchgear, lighting and power.

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